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The journey of Damas began over 100 years ago, and today it is the number one brand name with a rich legacy.

A walk through Damas Jewellery's milestones.


The launch of a new era for Damas with a vision: Crafting tomorrow’s dreams, inspiring your imagination, honoring our heritage.


Damas made headlines by launching its manufacturing unit in Dubai.


Damas solidifies its commitment to deliver the choicest jewellery and precious stones.


Damas founded it’s first inhouse brand called ‘Harmony’. the intricate lines that compose our exclusive designs make Damas one of the most exclusive Jewellers in the world, each and every piece handcrafted with a story to tell.


Damas opens its first store at the gold souq in Dubai, unveiling a world of breath taking pieces sparked by innovative designs portraying authentic craftsmanship.


Damas is established to offer goldsmith services and is renowned for its exceptional standards in quality.